I am an Analytics Manager for the Team Member Insights group at Wells Fargo. My undergraduate study was completed at Berkeley and I have a masters degree from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill's #1 ranked School of Information and Library Science.

My team is responsible for providing robust, reproducible reporting for human resources-related data for audit, regulatory, legal, and employee relations needs. Often, the tasks can be complex with very short timelines, so the job can be challenging.

Outside of work, I enjoy putting technology to use related to music. Whether it is audio engineering or machine learning applications related to audio, I am fascinated by the 1s and 0s that make up the waveforms so pleasing to our ears. I believe there is a whole world of doors that machine learning will be opening over the coming decades. I hope to post about this exciting topic in time.

Expect that this blog gets updated sporadically. I'll share thing that I feel others may benefit from.

If you have questions, corrections, or any comments, please reach out to me at my Twitter account, link above.